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the wave coat rack


modern perspective/

Designed for the modern home, office, and restaurant. Produced in the USA with compassion for our planet.



We’ve perfected our small batch production

to offer unmatched quality at affordable prices.


New. Iridescent finish.


Trade & Contract/

We love working with talented designers and architects. We've worked with Google, Facebook, Uber, WeWork and many more, giving our furniture a home in the most beautiful offices, restaurants, and hotels we've seen.

Our furniture is designed specifically to withstand the demands of everyday use in both commercial and residential settings. 

We offer trade discounts, customization, short lead times, and a 5 year warranty.


Design Studio / Furniture Makers

Misewell offers years of experience designing and manufacturing furniture and home goods. We've designed products for BluDot, Kohler, Crate&Barrel, GE and Target. If you're interested in our design services, custom products, or would like to visit our Milwaukee studio, just let us know.


designed by misewell / MADE IN USA

Using sustainably harvested hardwoods and 30% + recycled steel. Because, why wouldn't we?

Conrad - Sixagon.jpg

Feel Good/

We proudly make all of our products in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Wisconsin. When you shop Misewell, you're not only supporting an independent design studio, you're supporting countless craftspeople and small businesses across the country.


our story/

Misewell began as a conversation between two brothers. That conversation emerged into a furniture collection, which evolved into an award winning design company. To put it simply, Misewell is built on designing meaningful objects and doing things responsibly. We carefully select the best materials and work with the most talented craftspeople to produce our designs. We create our furniture exclusively in the United States, and respect our planet.

new. Henry stool.


5 day lead time.

(on all in stock items)


New pricing and color options.