Conrad Aw "Snap!"


We assembled one of our new Conrad tables at the studio the other day and I was reminded of how fun it is to plug the legs into the base!  Listen to that "snap!" of the leg locking in place.  It's this connection or action of joining the 3 walnut legs with the base that is so uniquely gratifying, but only experienced by Conrad owners, unfortunately. 

Here's how it works: Each walnut leg has a machined slot at one end and a drilled through hole perpendicular to the slot. This end of the leg is inserted into the opening on the base, travels in a few inches and then bottoms out on a circle detail that has been stamped into the steel.  With a little extra push, the slot allows the wood to compress, continue over the stamped circle, and... "snap!" That's the beautiful sound of the natural spring of the wood forcing the hole to align with the stamped circle detail, and thus locking the leg into place.